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Mountains and a lake with mountains with snow on them in the background

Walk with [ap]Parent Love 2023
was an experience to be sure!

Towering snowbanks, bugs bugs bugs,
high water crossings, frozen alpine lakes, thundering waterfalls,
unexpected morale boosts, helpful strangers,
and best of all,
new family members courtesy of 
Lil Chomp and Tik Tok.

YOU gave us another year of Family Gatherings.


Photo of barbara walking on a trail overlooking giant boulders and snow capped mountains

Walk with [ap]Parent Love

Coming out is a solo journey. 

Walk with [ap]Parent Love is Barbara's solo hike
on the 210-mile John Muir Trail.

The hike reflects the challenge every member of the LGBTQ+ community overcomes when choosing to come out to their
family, friends and community. 

Her pack symbolizes the weight carried by so many until they discover their chosen family and the freedom of
self-expression and authentic living.

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