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Our Programs

Love starts here! At [ap]Parent Love, we strive to provide LGBTQ+ individuals with the parental love and acceptance they deserve. Join us for fun, friends and family. 

The idea of “family time” has always been something that used to bring me anxiety, but when I’m spending time with the Family, it’s nothing but easy and joyful. It’s what I imagine many people feel like when they go “home.”
Zach S.

Group of people by an outdoor fire

Family Time

What defines Family Time to you?


We plan for "All of the Above" at our Family Time events, and everyone's invited!


Barbara and Tom with a drag queen

Go There!

If our Family is there, so are we.

We go there - pretty much anywhere - when our Family asks.

A frisbee tourney, softball game, drag show, birthday party, exercise class, coffee ... just ask, and we'll Go There!

Barbara and Tom selfie with two people at a bar

Real Time

Hanging out with a parent creates space for authentic conversation and comforting silence. 

We plan one-on-one and
couple's time, exploring San Francisco and Marin together.

Where do you want to
hang out today, together?

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